Come learn the Fertility Awareness Method in a supportive and lively group setting while getting personalized attention and answers to all your questions! 

Not only do we have a blast learning amazing facts and descriptions of anatomy and physiology and how to start fertility charting, we get the chance to hear each other's stories and learn from our collective experience as menstruators. 

The sense of awe and fascination is tremendous in my group classes. Everyone is excited to be learning how their cycles truly work for the first time. It's exhilarating to witness each other gain confidence and empowerment around our bodies and fertility!

"I strongly feel that the information I received in this class is more valuable than my bachelor’s degree education!"

— B.L., Arcata

I offer this class upon request. If you can gather at least 4 students, I'll take it from there and organize all the details. Classes are held at the Isis Osiris Healing Temple in Sunnybrae or the new location in McKinleyville. Contact me to arrange a group class. 

Want a more personalized and private learning experience? Check out my private class series. 


Holistic Reproductive Health * Fertility Awareness * Girls & Teens Classes

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