Did you know that your own body gives you physical signs every day to tell you what's happening in your cycle? Fertility Awareness is the practice of observing these signs and writing them on a special chart. With Fertility Awareness education, you know exactly what's going on with your cycle, your hormones, and your fertility, enabling you to understand your body in amazing detail.


Imagine being the one who answers all the questions from your doctor, not the one who asks all the questions. Imagine having the ability to know what's happening in your cycle every day without having to talk to anyone, leave the house, go on the computer, get a test, or even get out of bed – literally! Getting educated in Fertility Awareness gives you the power to be the expert of your body and your fertility, enabling you to consciously avoid or invite pregnancy if and when you choose.


This practice takes less than 5 minutes a day and gives you all the information you need for:


How many times have you asked the gynecologist or Google these questions —

  • Can I get pregnant on my period?

  • How can I tell when I'm ovulating?

  • When am I fertile?

  • Is it ever safe to have unprotected sex without risking pregnancy? 

  • Why do I have cramps and PMS?

  • When is the best time to try to conceive?

And how often did you get the detailed, accurate answer you were looking for?

Incredible, isn't it, that for all the years we spend studying history, science, math, and language arts, we barely receive any education about how our bodies and cycles work?

Fertility Awareness unlocks all the answers you've been looking for. By learning the simple daily practice of observing and charting your primary fertility signs, you'll understand:

  • If you could get pregnant on your period

  • How to know when you are ovulating

  • When you are fertile

  • Which days of your cycle are safe for unprotected sex

  • Why you might have cramps and PMS, and how to 
    improve your symptoms 

  • When the best times are to conceive

  • How healthy your hormones are

  • How diet, lifestyle, and environment affect your cycles

  • What certain symptoms and sensations mean at different times of your cycle

  • The exact day your period will come

  • What's healthy and normal for you and what's not

Ready to learn FAM and become the expert of your own cycles and fertility? Let's go. 

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