CYCLE WISE II: Cycles, Sexuality, & Self Care

It's finally here!

Cycle Wise II for 8th graders is the big sister course to my Coming of Age course for younger girls. Building and expanding on all the same luscious and fascinating material, this 6-week class takes us deeper into the world of blossoming sexuality, self awareness, and body literacy.


Cycle Wise helps prepare girls for the world of dating and sexuality by encouraging exploration of their values, how to tap into their intuition, and development of their sense of sovereignty and agency. Cycle Wise offers critical menstrual cycle education that goes beyond simply period tracking or period products, and gives girls a full spectrum understanding of cycle tracking and reproductive health. But perhaps most of all, Cycle Wise is a joyful place to just be together, laugh our socks off, share stories, and drink tea!


Holistic Reproductive Health * Fertility Awareness * Girls & Teens Classes

About Language:

On this site you'll find a mix of terms such as "women," "girls," and "cycling people." My decision to use mixed language reflects my intention to honor all identities of those who experience cycles. 

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