The Fertility Awareness Method: Cycle Wisdom for a Lifetime Group Class

10 Hours Total (4 sessions): $150 

Includes your own folder full of beautiful handouts and a private follow-up consultation

Learn the complete symptothermal method of Fertility Awareness for highly effective natural birth control, conception planning, and in-depth menstrual cycle understanding. Learn how to observe and chart your primary fertility signs, plus tons of other goodies, such as male fertility, the secret to using withdrawal correctly, barrier methods, hormonal health, and menstrual care and wellness. This class is welcoming, lively, and FUN! Activities, props, and demos are included to enhance learning and inspire comfort and awe for our bodies and cycles. 

Available in Humboldt County. I will travel to teach (separate travel fee required).

The Fertility Awareness Method: Cycle Wisdom for a Lifetime One-on-One Class

4 1/2 Hours Total (3 sessions): $250

Includes your own folder of beautiful handouts and a private follow-up consultation

We will cover all the material that I teach in my group class, in addition to your specific topic requests (time permitting). 

Available in Humboldt County.  

Cycle Wise: A Coming of Age Course for Girls

18 Hours Total: $220

6 sessions with students
Includes separate 2 1/2-hour Moms Circle and 1-hour Parent Meeting

In this vivacious, creative, and joyful course for girls ages 10 - 11 we explore essential coming of age topics such as relationships, communication, self esteem, media, body image, cycles, hormones, puberty, and menstrual care and wellness. We explore topics with art, games, books, stories, acting, journaling, slideshows, and delightful props and visual aids. Girls are introduced to the awe-inspiring capabilities of the female body, the power of their intuition and feelings, and the many ways to understand and honor their changing bodies and selves. 

Available in Humboldt County. 

Cycle Wise II: Holistic Sex Ed for 8th Graders

18 hours total: $220

6 sessions with students

Includes 2-hour workshop for moms & teens and 1-hour parent meeting

Cycle Wise II for 8th graders is the big sister course to my Coming of Age class, designed for 13 - 14-year old girls. Building and expanding on all the same luscious and fascinating material, this 6-week class takes us deeper into the world of blossoming sexuality, self awareness, cycles, and body literacy.

Available in Humboldt County.


Fertility Awareness Consult

1 Hour: $65

90 Minutes: $120

Let's review your charts! I can help you get clear on what you're seeing on your charts, assess your readiness for using FAM for birth control, assist you with conception planning, and offer guidance with any additional areas of interest or concern.


Available in Arcata or online. 

Sliding Scale "Ask Me Anything" Consult

1 hour: $40 - $65

I'm here to talk about any topic that you wish, answer any questions, and discuss "TMI" subjects. This consult can serve as a great alternative and/or supplement to the traditional (often too short!) visit with a mainstream health provider or gynecologist. Whether you want to talk about painful periods, learn about alternative contraception options, discuss teen cycle issues, or absolutely anything else, let me know how I can help!

Available in Arcata or online. 


Introduction to the Fertility Awareness Method

90 minutes: $10 per participant 

My Intro to FAM talk is perfect for those curious about what Fertility Awareness is and how it works. Get a tantalizing taste of the confidence and freedom that comes from understanding your menstrual cycle! Includes plenty of time for Q&A and handouts. 

Available in Humboldt County or online. I will travel to teach (separate travel fee required). 


Your Daughter & The Pill

2 hours: $15 per participant/pair (teens are free) 

What are the risks, pros, cons, and benefits of girls and teens using hormonal contraceptives? Why are natural cycles important to teens? Why does reproductive health matter to growing girls? What do you need to know about the HPV vaccine?

I created Your Daughter & The Pill so that teens and parents have the full spectrum of information around hormonal birth control methods that is often left out of sex ed class or the average gynecologist visit. In this lively and easy to understand presentation, I walk you through all aspects of teen cycles and hormonal health, the different kinds of hormonal methods, and alternatives to these methods for purposes of birth control, period problems, mood, acne, and more. You'll leave feeling confident to support your teen's reproductive health. 

Teens are welcome to attend for free. Note that this workshop includes discussion of sexual behavior & STIs. 

Available in Humboldt County or online. I will travel to teach (separate travel fee required). 


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About Language:

On this site you'll find a mix of terms such as "women," "girls," and "cycling people." My decision to use mixed language reflects my intention to include everyone who experiences cycles. 

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