"Thank you so much, Caitlin, for creating a beautiful and safe space and for your knowledge and dedication to women's cycles, fertility, health, and wellness"

— Mother of student

“Caitlin is charismatic, passionate, and fun, and the perfect person to teach our daughters about their body and how it works. Having other female role models who bring positivity, education, and humor during this coming of age journey is such a gift for my daughter”

— Tracy Lough, Mother & Midwife

“Wow, I learned so much! I think it is amazing how strong the uterus is. I also found it fascinating that our cycles have so many connections with nature.”

— 11-year old student

Inspiring the next generation of feminist thinkers: upon learning that the Fallopian Tubes were named after a man, my students renamed them the Caitlin Tubes

"Fantastic course - this was perfect for my 6th grade daughter - providing knowledge at a critical point. A group setting among friends and peers, facilitated by a wonderful teacher, has provided her with hours of discussion on topics of coming of age"

— Mother of student

"I loved seeing your enthusiasm and passion for the subject matter and sharing your knowledge. It was easy to ask questions and get thoughtful, useful answers. Thank you for navigating me through learning about such an intimate part of my body. Thank you for a lifetime of helpful knowledge!"

— Emma Rae, FAM student, Arcata

"I strongly feel that the information I received in this class is more valuable than my bachelor’s degree education"

 — B.L., FAM student, Arcata

Art done by 11-year old student, inspired by Cycle Wise. Isn't she amazing?!


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