I'm Caitlin and I'm here to help YOU become the expert of your cycles and fertility!


Are you looking for an all-natural birth control option that doesn't involve hormones or devices?

Do you long to understand what's going on with your fertility beyond just period tracking or the myth of day 14 ovulation?

I’ve been there.

I used to be deathly afraid of an unplanned pregnancy, I hated my periods, and I had no idea there was anything except the Pill. Then I discovered Fertility Awareness.


It changed my life forever. 

My mission is to offer menstrual cycle education for girls, teens, and women that allows them to become the experts of their own reproductive health. 



If you’re interested in learning more about your cycles, fertility, menstruation, or hormones​ I’m ready to be your guide. 


Get in touch today to see how I can help you!


"I loved seeing your enthusiasm and passion for the subject matter and sharing your knowledge. It was easy to ask questions and get thoughtful, useful answers. Thank you for navigating me through learning about such an intimate part of my body. Thank you for a lifetime of helpful knowledge!"

— Emma Rae, FAM class student

“Caitlin is a charismatic, passionate, and fun, and the perfect person to teach our daughters about their body and how it works. Having other female role models who bring positivity, education, and humor during this coming of age journey is such a gift for my daughter”

— Tracy Lough, Mother & Midwife


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