Welcome to Cycle Wise!

I'm so glad you've arrived. Make yourself at home.


I'm Caitlin and I offer Fertility Awareness & Menstrual Cycle Education for all ages and walks of life. 


I'm ready to listen to your story and help you get answers to your questions about cycles, fertility, menstruation, hormones, and more. 

Does this sound like you?


...I want to understand what's going on with my cycles! I'm hungry for new ideas and information, and I sense there's more to my body and fertility than what my gynecologist told me

...My teen daughter would benefit from counseling around cycle and sexuality issues


...I want deeper answers. I want context and clarity around what I'm experiencing

....I want holistic solutions for my cycle issues


...I want birth control that's not synthetic hormones or devices


...I'd like to conceive consciously without going through tests and procedures


...I just really need a listening ear and a guiding hand. I want to cycle without pain and stress. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin

...My adolescent would thrive in a coming of age course with peers and a trusted mentor

It would be my honor help you. Tell me more about what you seek. 



Holistic Reproductive Health * Fertility Awareness * Girls & Teens Classes

About Language:

On this site you'll find a mix of terms such as "women," "girls," and "cycling people." My decision to use mixed language reflects my intention to include everyone who experiences cycles. 

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