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Bike Safety

Welcome to your resource for the most current and relevant information on cycling safety available.

Cycle-wise.com is a community of cyclists. We’re commuters, road riders, mountain bikers, bike tourists and everything in between.

The one common theme we share is that the most important part of any ride is getting home safely.

If you’re a cyclist or someone you love is, this site is for you. We have hand-picked products and gear across a wide range of categories that do the business. 

How to make the most of this site: If there’s a category of cycling gear you want more information on, just click on the highlighted links above or go to our site mapThere will be an article (which will be updated regularly) outlining the best uses for that gear, when its needed, what makes some products superior to others, and tips from our team of riders sharing how to get the most out of the gear. From there we’ll present a list of relevant products (again, updated regularly) that you can instantly access for factual information.

Why we’re different: every product you see on any page in this site comes with our endorsement. Its been field tested by one of our team and found to hold up to its claims. But rather than waste your time with our own reviews, we just present relevant facts on each piece of kit. Briefly, you’ll see company backgrounds, independent reviews (not ours) from real users, for products we’ve tested, alongside all the info you could want to assist you in making decisions. And we’re constantly updating our review database and product and company profiles, so you’re assured of seeing the most up to date information available.

We’re giving you the facts to help you make an informed decision on whatever gear you’re looking for. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to.

So we invite you to look around. Feel free to explore. There’s a complete list of the main article and product categories just below. You can also find these on our site map. Plus we have a section completely devoted to safe cycling, featuring tips and tricks to keep you safe on the ride. Many of these were learned the hard way by our team, but they’re all realistic, achievable and practical. This section is updated regularly so you’ll want to check in often to see what we’ve got in store next.

You may want to check out our blog if you’ve got time for a laugh or 2. And we even have a monthly (ish) newsletter full of tidbits, advice, and cool gear we see coming down the pipeline. Sign up for that just below. It includes timely updates from the team, sneak peeks on new products on the horizon, and even free prizes thrown in there from time to time.

Thanks for visiting, and come back often. Things change pretty quick around here, with new products, articles, more reviews and constant updates from the team.



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